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Save the Date Direct Mail GSVS
Save the Date Direct Mail GSVS
Direct Mail Marketing Gets Noticed_Postcard_Front
Direct Mail Marketing Gets Noticed_Postcard_Back
GSVS Oncology Direct Mail_front
GSVS Oncology Direct Mail_back
GSiVS Open House Direct Mail_front
GSiVS Open House Direct Mail_back
GSVS Ophthalmology Direct Mail_front
GSiVS Now Open Direct Mail_front
GSiVS Now Open Direct Mail_back
Save the Date Direct Mail GSVSDirect Mail Marketing Gets Noticed_Postcard_FrontDirect Mail Marketing Gets Noticed_Postcard_BackGSVS Oncology Direct Mail_frontGSVS Oncology Direct Mail_backGSiVS Open House Direct Mail_frontGSiVS Open House Direct Mail_backGSVS Ophthalmology Direct Mail_frontGSiVS Now Open Direct Mail_frontGSiVS Now Open Direct Mail_back

Direct Mail Marketing Gets Noticed!

Direct mail produces higher response rates than email or social media marketing. It may seem like social media marketing and e-blasts have taken over these days; but, direct mail gets noticed! Postcards, flyers and brochures that have been mailed are not outdated forms of marketing. And, while social media is effective, physical mail marketing has proven staying power. Here’s why…

Why Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing gets read! Physical mail doesn’t get lost in cluttered, email in-boxes and it’s not considered spam. Direct mail cannot get swiped over and forgotten, only to be replaced by the next thing that catches your eye. It’s obvious, but direct mail, such as a postcard, is physically held and read. Many eyes will see it, if only for a moment. And, in some cases, these pieces stay on counters and desks for days and weeks. In 2019 the response rate for direct mail marketing was an average 9%!

Reach Your Target Audience

Use Postcards to send invitations, save-the-dates, realtor sales updates, open houses, grand openings, etc. Mail your business’s postcards to existing and potential customers, to employees, or to family and friends. The size, design and stock choice can all help your postcard stand out in the mail. 

Mail Lists

Mail lists are purchased based on your target audience. They can be general, by zip code and mail route, or they can be more precise, depending on your needs. Mail lists can also target specific groups and demographics: homeowners, homeowners with specific incomes, businesses, businesses based on number of employees, mail lists based on home value, etc.

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) and other advertising via postcard, newsletter, catalog and self-mailer is proven to target your audience by zip code or mail route.

So, the next time you need to promote a new team member, home sale, new product, service or business, try Direct Mail – it gets results! 

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