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Labels and Stickers and Magnets
Labels and Stickers and Magnets
Labels and Stickers and Magnets
Labels and Stickers and Magnets
Labels and Stickers and MagnetsLabels and Stickers and MagnetsLabels and Stickers and Magnets

Labels, Stickers and Magnets

What comes in all shapes and sizes and can be used for many varied applications? Labels, stickers and magnets.


Did you know that roll labels can be ordered in silver, clear, white, and an eco-friendly stock? Labels can be used in many environments – even oily or wet environments. And, there is even variation in the amount of “stickiness”. Low tac, removable stickers are best for uses where permanent adhesion is not wanted. If you have a project that needs a special label, get in touch and I will provide a free quote.


Standard white stickers come in many sizes and offer permanent adhesion. Akuafoil stickers make a big impact in a small space. Their metallic designs really stand out. And, both standard and Akuafoil stickers have an easy split and peel backing that makes application a breeze on clean, flat surfaces. Shapes such as rectangles, circles, round cornered stickers and leaf shaped stickers can be ordered also.


If you’re not ready for a vehicle wrap or custom paint job for your truck or car, vehicle magnets are a great option and come in various sizes. Bumper stickers and other outdoor magnets come in various shapes and sizes and have UV protection from sun exposure. Indoor magnets can be used as promotional items with information about your business  – they really stick around! There are also business card magnets, magnetic announcement cards, oval magnets, and magnet postcards available for order. Each can be designed, printed and customized with your business’s logo and colors or with your personal event information.

Questions about any of the products listed above? Get in touch. I’m happy to provide a quote.

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