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Advertising & Graphic Design
Dr. Nagy Billboard, Coolsculpting
Dr. Nagy Billboard, Coolsculpting
Dr. Nagy Billboard
GSiVS Billboard
GSVServices Billboard
Dr. Nagy Billboard, CoolsculptingDr. Nagy BillboardGSiVS BillboardGSVServices Billboard


Billboards get noticed. This seemingly simple form of advertising has a lot going on behind the scenes. First, Crescent Graphics will work with you to decide who your target audience is, where that audience travels, and how long you would like to be in front of them, among other things. Second, it’s time for me to work with the media company to gather the best board space(s) available. You and I choose the best spot(s) for your billboard, draw up a contract and purchase the advertising space. Third, the design process. It seems like it would be easy to design a billboard; but, not necessarily. Clients usually like to say a lot about their business…and, rightfully so! However, your billboard is not the place to say all those things. When it comes to billboard design, less is more. Fourth, the printing. Crescent Graphics will have your billboard printed and sent to the media company for installation. I often recommend printing two copies of your artwork. If, due to a strong storm blowing through, your billboard material gets damaged and it’s only week one into your eight week run, that big piece of material blowing in the wind does not reflect well on your business. It’s a good idea to have a second copy to install for those rare times.

From EOIs (Eyes on Impression: the measurement that media companies use to tell how many people see your billboard in a given time frame) to whether or not your billboard is lighted, to choosing just the right board location to target your best audience, there are many things to consider when purchasing billboard space. And remember, billboards get noticed. If it’s well-designed, that’s great for business.

Give Crescent Graphics a call and let’s talk about your next billboard idea.

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Advertising and Graphic Design
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