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Advertising & Graphic Design
GSVS Advertisement
GSVS Advertisement


Crescent Graphics provides advertising design and media placement for journals, publications, newspapers, transit stations, etc. What is the process?

First: we discuss budget. The size of the advertisement, color, length of run and type of media outlet all impact cost.

Second: we talk about your target audience and decide which media outlet has the most readership/views, location and interest for your type of business. After deciding on specifications and media outlet, I draw up a contract so you know how much media placement will cost.

Third:  we collaborate on a design including what images and copy you would like included in the advertisement. An initial design concept and layout will be provided to you (a proof). Revisions to the proof are made, if needed, until you are happy with the final design.

Finally: the media contract is signed and paid for up front. I create press-ready files and send the ad to the media company. Your business is in print! 

Digital advertising is another option. It’s often seen in doctor’s offices and health clubs. These days, most print publications also have online advertising that they offer as part of their print packages.

So, if you are interested in advertising design and media placement, get in touch and let’s get growing!

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