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GSVServices Billboard
GSVServices Billboard
Dr. Nagy Billboard, Coolsculpting
GSiVS Billboard
GSVServices BillboardDr. Nagy Billboard, CoolsculptingGSiVS Billboard

Billboard Design and Printing

Billboard design and printing by Crescent Graphics. There are pros and cons to billboard advertising. Pro: billboards get noticed! Con: they are expensive. But, if designed and positioned correctly, your billboard will attract many new customers. Billboards reach a large, diverse audience and remind the public about your business over and over again.

This seemingly simple form of advertising has a lot going on behind the scenes. Take a look at what’s involved:


Based on your business location, we define where your audience is most likely to travel. We want high EOIs, or, eyes on impression. You decide how many weeks your billboard will run, based on your budget or if your billboard is targeting a specific event or date.


I contact the media company and we map the best board space(s) available. We choose the best location(s) based on board availability. Then, I draw up the contract and purchase the advertising space.


I design the billboard based on your input. It may seem easy to design a billboard, but that’s not always the case. Why? Because clients have a lot of good things to say about their business…and, rightfully so! Unfortunately, a billboard is not the place to say too much. When it comes to billboard design, less is more.


The artwork goes to print after the design is approved. Then, the billboard material is sent to the media company for installation. I usually recommend printing two billboard copies. If a strong storm blows through and damages your billboard one week into your eight week run, that torn, wind-blown material does not reflect well on your business. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a second copy already printed. There is no extra charge to have the sign company install the the second copy and the second print copy is not very expensive. It’s like insurance for your billboard.

Consider the Following When Choosing and Purchasing Billboard Space:

  • Board location for target your audience (some locations offer larger sizes).
  • Length of run.
  • Eyes on Impression (EOIs): media companies use this measurement to tell you approximately how many people see your billboard in a given time frame.
  • Details: do you want your board lighted at night? Is the board you chose fully visible at all times of the year?

Remember, billboards get noticed. If your billboard is designed and positioned well, that’s great news for your business!

Get in touch and let’s talk about your next billboard project.

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