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Advertising & Graphic Design
Logo Design, St. Gregory's Pantry
Logo Design, St. Gregory's Pantry
Logo Design, GSVS
Logo Design, First & Ten
Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital Logo
Logo Design, The Connolly Agency
Ocean Pointe Realtors, Logo Design
GSiVS, icon, Logo Design
Logo Design, Peppermint Tree
Logo Design, St. Gregory's PantryLogo Design, GSVSLogo Design, First & TenWheat Ridge Animal Hospital LogoLogo Design, The Connolly AgencyOcean Pointe Realtors, Logo DesignGSiVS, icon, Logo DesignLogo Design, Peppermint Tree

Logos & Corporate Identity

Crescent Graphics provides custom logo design. Let’s talk about your business or organization to start the process. The more I know about who or what I am designing the logo for, the better positioned it will be to stand out.

Why Are Logos Important?

Logos are the face of your business, whether your business is large or small. Designing a logo should be the first step of your advertising and marketing plan. Why? Because it is the single most important part of building your brand. Think of it as the foundation of your business’s brand. Logos portray personality and identity. The colors, fonts and “feel” should tell your customers who you are as a company. This should be carried throughout your marketing and advertising materials, creating consistency and brand awareness. It is vital to spend time getting it right – first impressions often stick.

Handing out a business card without a logo or having a website without a logo can give a negative first impression. It’s best practice to have your logo designed before creating any other form of advertising. Your website, business cards, social media account, signs, brochures, etc. should all display your logo.

But There Are So Many Low Cost Logo Design Websites! Why Use a Graphic Designer?

Yes, there are many free websites out there that offer logo design. But, if you want your logo to be fully customized and designed by a professional, hiring a graphic designer is the way to go. Maybe you start out with the need for a full-color logo, but then have an opportunity to advertise somewhere that only accepts a black and white logo. A graphic designer can be sure that you have all the versions you need, while also providing you with all the necessary file types (.jpg, .png, etc.).

So, click the button below to get in touch and talk about your logo design needs. I look forward to working with you!

And, Let’s Get Growing!

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